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1. Instructions and maintenance of windows and doors:

1. Instructions for use of windows and doors:

1 ) For every operation, be sure to rotate the handle in place;

2 ) When opening and closing, the window leaf, door leaf and frame should be close to each other, and then turn the handle to operate;

3 ) When the windows and doors in the horizontal open state are not completely closed, the handle cannot be directly turned to the locked, inverted or other state; when the handle cannot be turned when it is not returned, do not force it to break;

4 ) In severe weather such as wind, rain, snow, hail, etc., please close or invert the windows and doors in time to avoid damage to the windows and doors;

5 ) When you need to disassemble and install some parts of windows and doors, please contact a professional door and window installation professional.

2. Daily maintenance of windows and doors:

●The newly installed windows and doors are not completely dry due to the waterproof glue . Please do not touch the waterproof glue within 48 hours. It is not recommended to clean the windows and pay attention to ventilation;

●Do not touch the surface of windows and doors with volatile reagents, alkaline, acidic solutions, or collide or scratch with hard objects such as metals;

●When the glass and surface of windows and doors are stained, they should be wiped with clean water or special detergent; when cleaning, please pay attention to the soft cleaning of cleaning supplies to avoid collision and scratching of hard objects or dust particles with the glass;

●The outlet of the water outlet must be kept unblocked, and no foreign matter should be blocked;

 Keep clean in the profile slot under the opening fan, try to avoid stones and other objects falling into it;

 There should be no debris in the guide rails of folding doors and sliding doors;

 It is not recommended to hang heavy objects in any position of windows and doors.

2. Product warranty

1. The product warranty period is two years (product surface wear is not within the warranty). Warren will repair the product for free if there is a problem with the quality of the product during the warranty period; if the damage is caused by improper use by the user or other reasons other than ours, Warren will Appropriately charge maintenance costs;

2. If the warranty period has expired, damage is caused by repair, misuse, collision, negligence, abuse, accident, alteration, dismantling, and failure to comply with the requirements of the product instructions for use, maintenance, and storage without Warren’s authorization. , Damage caused by force majeure, alteration of the model or installation address of the warranty certificate and the model or address of the repaired product will not be covered by the warranty;

3. Screens, nets, glass, etc. are consumable and vulnerable products, which are not covered by the warranty;

4. During the product warranty period, if the user’s maintenance, misuse, collision, negligence, abuse, accident, alteration, dismantling and other reasons cause personnel or property losses, the user shall be responsible for compensation; beyond the warranty period, the user shall be responsible for himself The property is responsible for maintenance and management. If the product causes personnel or property damage, the user is responsible for it.

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