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Encyclopedia of Doors and Windows

Your window sill can also have European romance, just because of it

Europe is a popular travel destination for people. Many people believe that Europe is the birthplace of romance, from the Aegean Sea to the fjords, from Andalusia to the Baltic Sea; rich and colorful cities, profound civilization... ... Europe is elegant and romantic; Europe is addictive!

ecoration丨The color collocation of doors and windows is a matter of the university. Only when they are well matched can they have a sense of hierarchy

I believe that when decorating and buying doors and windows, many owners will be entangled with a problem, that is, how to choose the color of doors and windows to match with a better effect? ​​More and more netizens are also asking similar questions, here is for everyone A brief introduction!     The choice of doors and windows is mainly to match the overall decoration style and main color of the home to harmonize the whole home environment.     Doors and windows should be consistent with the style of the room In the decoration, doors and windows are closely related to the decoration style. No matter what type of doors and windows are used in any room, their shape and color must be consistent with the overall decoration style of the home space, so as to achieve the overall environment harmony and achieve the best decoration effect.     The color of doors and windows should be in contrast to the color of the wall In the past, people often used white as the wall surface. Although white is pure, its extensive use will be too monotonous. The use of home space will also make the home space lack of vitality, which is not in the perfect home space decoration. The color of doors and windows should form a contrast ratio with the color of the wall. This will not only give the home space a certain sense of hierarchy, but it will also give you a new sense of space.     The color of doors and windows should be close to the color of furniture Color matching can be said to be a key point in the home decoration process. After determining the home style, the next step should be the matching of door and window colors and home style. It is recommended that if the indoor space is light-colored as the keynote, you might as well choose some cool-colored doors and windows; if the indoor space color is mainly dark-colored, then it should be matched with warm-colored doors and windows.     The ground color and doors and windows keep the same color system The color of the ground and the coordination of the doors and windows should be kept in the same color system (such as warm and cold colors), but it is best not to be consistent, resulting in too rigid. It is also necessary to prevent the ground and the wall from being chaotic, and reduce the size of the room's sense of space. If you are in doubt, choose white. White is the least error-prone color, and it is also the color that permanently maintains a sense of fashion.     In the entire home space, the colors of doors and windows are closely related to the colors of walls, floors, and furniture. Of course, the choice of door and window color is also very simple. If you are not too sure, you may wish to make the door and window color close to the "big environment", and then distinguish the details, and the effect is guaranteed to be no worse.  

Analyze what is a broken bridge aluminum door and window from the principle, even a little white can easily understand the knowledge of science

1. First, we need to know what is a broken aluminum door and window? The "bridge" in the name "Broken Bridge Aluminum" refers to the "cold and hot bridge" in the sense of materials science, and the word "broken" means "partition", that is, "break the cold and hot bridge". So, why "cold and hot bridge partition"?   Specifically, because aluminum alloy is a metal, heat conduction is relatively fast, so when the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large, aluminum alloy can become a "bridge" for heat transfer. Such materials are made into doors and windows, and its heat insulation performance will be improved. reduce. The broken aluminum is to disconnect the aluminum alloy from the middle, and use the heat insulation strip to connect the disconnected aluminum alloy as a whole, so that the heat will not easily pass through the entire material, and the insulation performance of the material will be better. This is the origin of the name "Broken Bridge Aluminum".   The outstanding feature of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows is the "broken bridge" design. The formal broken bridge aluminum doors and windows use PA66 nylon heat insulation strips as the "broken bridge", which cuts off the heat transfer under the action of indoor and outdoor temperature differences, and achieves The effect of heat insulation and energy saving. It is important to note that the broken bridge aluminum used for low-quality and low-priced broken bridge aluminum is not PA66 nylon strips, but ordinary PVC material. The broken bridge aluminum made of PVC is not resistant to high temperatures, has poor service life, and does not meet the standard strength. , Easy to produce dangerous consequences of fracture and fall apart. Warren's full series of door and window adhesive strips all use Haida European standard door and window adhesive strips. The corners of the central equal pressure adhesive strip use the industry's advanced hot-melt welding process, so that the adhesive strips are integrated without splicing and breaking points. Therefore, the performance is remarkable, safe and reliable.   Second, what are the benefits of broken aluminum doors and windows 1In addition to heat insulation, it can also keep warm, achieving the purpose of high efficiency and energy saving The flexible combination of the inner and outer frames of the heat-insulating profile, the high-quality rubber strips are used for sealing, and the window sashes are made of double-layer hollow glass. Whether it is air-tightness, water-tightness, heat preservation, heat insulation, and sound insulation, the effect is remarkable, energy saving and high efficiency, greatly reducing Heating and cooling costs. 2 Taking into account the advantages of high strength and impact resistance of aluminum alloy profiles The outer surface material of the broken aluminum doors and windows is made of aluminum alloy. The window has high tensile strength, shear strength and thermal deformation resistance. It is sturdy and durable, and has much stronger impact resistance than plastic steel window profiles. In addition, the aluminum profile of the broken bridge is not easy to be corroded by acid and alkali, and it is not easy to fade, and it is very durable. 3 Outstanding materials and decorative Because aluminum alloy is a metal material, it is not easy to burn and has good fire resistance. Secondly, the inner and outer surfaces of broken aluminum doors and windows can show different colors to meet the preferences of customers and designers for color effects, meet the needs of space aesthetics, and can easily achieve personalized design requirements.   3. What use scenarios are suitable for broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, and are there limitations? Because of the unique sealing structure design of broken aluminum doors and windows, it can meet the needs of different families. The reason why broken bridge aluminum doors and windows have sound insulation and sealing performance beyond traditional plastic steel doors and windows and aluminum alloy doors and windows is because of the unique sealing mechanism design of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows. The broken bridge aluminum doors and windows use EPDM rubber as the sealing tape. Multi-layer sealing structure, according to different series, the number of sealing layers achieved is also different, which is sufficient to meet the needs of different families.

Dry goods丨The same is broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, why is the product price difference so big? Tell you why today

As people's requirements for the quality of life generally increase, more and more families start to choose broken aluminum doors and windows. However, there are endless broken bridge aluminum doors and windows products on the market, and there are system doors and windows that are different from broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, and the prices are also very different. Then everyone will have a lot of questions: Why are the prices of two products with little difference, but the prices are so different? As the saying goes: insiders watch the doorway, but outsiders watch the excitement.   A door and window is far from being as simple as it appears on the surface. The price is often determined by a combination of many factors. The first is the internal factors of doors and windows, such as craftsmanship, materials, hardware, etc.; the second is the external factors of doors and windows, that is, the service aspect, especially in the custom door and window industry, from design to measurement, installation, after-sales, etc., constitute the value of a door and window factor. The combination of internal and external is the true value of a door and window. This article will use a simple and easy-to-understand way to analyze the causes of the "price difference" from two factors, internal and external. Not much to say, let's get dry goods.   1. The internal factors of doors and windows: 1. Profiles for doors and windows Door and window profiles are the basis for determining the quality of doors and windows. For example, the selection standard of aluminum alloy, the level of glass technology, the selection of materials for doors and windows, etc., are the key to determining quality. If doors and windows products are made of high-standard aluminum profiles, first-class materials, and special craft glass, the quality of such doors and windows is naturally good, and the corresponding price is also expensive. This is what everyone often says "you get what you pay for." The truth.   German Yelu automatic processing production line   2. The manufacturing process of doors and windows "It's hard for a clever woman to cook without rice", the same is true for doors and windows. There are good materials and exquisite craftsmanship. A door and window process involves a series of processes such as cutting, assembling, debugging, spraying, etc. Enterprises without mature industry experience cannot make high-quality, high-quality products. For example, whether the surface smoothness and color are uniform, aluminum alloy profile oxidation, spraying, striping, etc. require technology and craftsmanship. The entire process requires hundreds of processes to complete. The maturity of the company also determines the quality of the products produced. There is a certain reason why doors and windows are expensive.   Corner assembly corner code process   3. Hardware accessories for doors and windows Small parts play a major role, and hardware accessories play a decisive role in the stability and durability of a door and window. It is no exaggeration to say that the importance of hardware accessories is equivalent to the "heart" of doors and windows. A good door and window will use high-quality or imported hardware accessories. Such high-quality doors and windows are naturally different from other doors and windows in value. The price of a set of imported hardware accessories is at least four to five hundred, but the cheapest on the market does not even cost one hundred. This is the gap. In order to ensure the customer's experience, Warren chooses European hardware accessories.   Reached strategic cooperation with European imported hardware manufacturers   4. The performance of doors and windows The comprehensive performance of a door and window is the value that distinguishes a door and window. It is also determined by profiles, processes, hardware accessories, etc. Therefore, judging the performance of doors and windows mainly depends on the overall design of sound insulation, heat insulation, water tightness, air tightness, wind pressure resistance, etc. The system doors and windows have their own independent technical departments. Strict testing and inspection will be carried out for the various parts of doors and windows, so the compatibility is very good, and it is not prone to failure, which is what we often say is good stability. Correspondingly, the comprehensive performance of such doors and windows is also superior, and it is difficult for some small workshops to achieve.   Combining frame and corner technology   5. Other factors The above are the main factors. Of course, there are a lot of tricks. Some unscrupulous merchants can start with materials and accessories, even throw out low-priced "bait", and increase fees in subsequent links and construction.   2. External factors of doors and windows: In addition to the internal factors determining the value of a door and window, i

Great PK for opening doors and windows! What is the more appropriate way to open the windows at home?

Many people plan to change windows, but don't know what opening method is more appropriate. Today, I will give you a detailed introduction to the various opening methods and correct use methods of household doors and windows. Casement doors and windows Applicable door and window types: broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, aluminum clad wood doors and windows, plastic steel doors and windows. Opening operation: Rotate the control handle 90 degrees inside the glass, and pull the handle to open the doors and windows. Close operation: push the open fan to the closed state, and rotate the control handle 90° in the opposite direction of the open operation. Performance advantages: Casement windows are generally sealed with rubber strips, which are better than top seals; two-point locks or sky-earth locks are used to lock and seal more open fan parts, so the three performances of doors and windows (wind pressure resistance, water tightness) , Air tightness), casement windows are generally more advantageous. Large opening area and good ventilation. The inward opening window is convenient for cleaning. Performance defects: casement windows are divided into external and internal windows. It is easy to be damaged when the external window is blown in strong wind. When the inner window is opened, it takes up indoor space; the child will not notice the corner of the window when playing; the curtain cannot be drawn when it is opened. If the quality is not good enough, it may seep rain. Casement and top-hung doors and windows are  suitable for door and window types: broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, aluminum clad wood doors and windows. Opening operation: It has two opening methods, which can be opened horizontally and can be hung up, which can be realized by different connection methods of hardware. When hanging up, the window can open a gap of about 10cm from above, and the opened part is suspended in the air. Upper suspension operation: Rotate the control handle 180 degrees to the inside of the window sash, and pull the handle to realize the upper suspension opening. Close operation: Push the open fan to the closed state, press the opposite direction of the open operation, and turn the control handle to the closed position to lock the open fan. Performance advantages: When hanging up, it does not occupy indoor space, and the curtains can be opened and closed freely; children who are playful and climb on the window sill will not have the risk of falling out of the window; the window can only be opened with a 10cm seam and cannot be reached from the outside, especially Suitable for use when no one is in the house. The ventilation is natural, and the wind blows into the room from the side of the window. Performance defects: The flat-open top-hung type, which has the performance of the casement window, and avoids all the shortcomings of the casement window. It is really not easy to say its shortcomings, and I can only pick the faults of the hardware. The hardware required for the flat open top suspension is more complicated, and high-quality hardware hinges are required, otherwise it is prone to failure and service life problems. Split doors and windows (active fan and driven fan) Applicable door and window types: broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, aluminum-clad wooden doors and windows, wooden windows. Active fan opening operation: the active fan is turned on or off separately, the same as the horizontal open or horizontal open top suspension operation. Slave fan opening operation: first open the active fan in a flat open style, and then pull the upper and lower control lock pins of the slave fan to the extreme position to open the driven fan. Closing operation: first rotate the driven fan to the closed position, turn the upper and lower control lock pins to the locked position in the opposite direction of opening, and then close the active fan. Performance advantages: flexible opening method, large opening area, good ventilation performance, good lighting performance, and beautiful atmosphere. The sealing performance, sound insulation performance, heat preservation performance and impermeability performance are very good, and it is convenient to clean and replace the windows. Performance defects: the inward-opening type occupies indoor space and is easy to bump people. It is inconvenient to use curtains when opening the window. If the quality of the window is not closed, rain may leak; the outward-opening installation is inconvenient to use screen windows, and the opening takes up outside the wall A piece of space is easily damaged when strong winds are blown, or even fall and hurt people, and there may also be air leakage. Sliding windows (one-way sliding and two-way sliding) Applicable door and window types: plastic steel windows. Push-pull opening operation: The opening and closing of the window sash is realized by the external force acting on the window sash driving the

7 tips for maintenance of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows

Nowadays, broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are more and more favored by owners, but many people do not pay attention to the maintenance of doors and windows, which leads to a reduction in the service life of doors and windows. Now I will tell you 7 common sense of maintenance, come and learn the main points. 1. When cleaning the aluminum doors and windows of the broken bridge, people must not step on the aluminum frame, nor pull the frame as a support. 2. The sealing top and glass glue are the key to ensure the sealing, heat preservation and waterproofing of the aluminum doors and windows of the broken bridge. If they fall off, they should be repaired and replaced in time. 3. Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows can be wiped with a soft cloth dampened with water or neutral detergent. Do not use ordinary soap and detergent, let alone detergent with strong acid and alkali such as decontamination powder and toilet detergent. 4. After a rainy day, wipe the raindrops on the glass and door and window frames in time, pay special attention to the accumulation of water in the chute. 5. Frequently check the tightening of bolts, positioning shafts, wind braces, floor springs, etc., and timely replace damaged parts and vulnerable parts of aluminum alloy doors and windows. Lubricate regularly to keep it clean and flexible. 6. During the use of broken aluminum doors and windows, you should push and pull gently. Push and pull let it go. If you find it is difficult to open and close, do not push and pull the doors and windows forcibly. You should troubleshoot first. Dust accumulation and deformation are the main reasons for the difficulty of pushing and pulling aluminum alloy doors and windows. Keep the door frame clean, especially the pull groove. A vacuum cleaner can be used to remove the dust accumulated in the groove and the door seal top. 7. Frequently check the wall joints of the aluminum door and window frame of the broken bridge. If it becomes loose over time, it will easily deform the frame as a whole, so that the doors and windows cannot be closed and sealed. Therefore, if the screws of the joint are loose, they should be tightened immediately. If the screw feet are loose, apply a small amount of cement to seal with epoxy super glue. With regard to the use and cleaning of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, if we can do our best to achieve the above seven points, I believe that the service life of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows can be better increased.
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